About The Maltby Cafe

about1Tana Baumler, Barbara Peter and Sandra Albright met in 1980 when they all joined the same women's soccer team. None had played soccer before and the three of them soon became friends. The girls would seek out good places to have breakfast after a practice or game or instead of practice on a rainy northwest morning. Often times they would go to the Maltby Cafe, which was there for two years prior to going up for sale. Sandra was there having lunch with a neighbor when she saw the sign that the cafe was for sale. She told the other girls and they said "let's buy it." 

Little was Sandra aware that Tana had always wanted to own a restaurant. She had worked in the restaurant business for many years and had cooked and been a baker.

about2Barbara had just purchased some property in Maltby and didn't want to see the cafe go out of business. She was working for the Northshore school district in payroll and had the necessary business experience in bookkeeping and accounting. 

Sandra had never worked in the restaurant business but brought her years of people and business experience in Real Estate, retail management and her love of entertaining and cooking.

The three ladies began looking into buying the cafe in February of 1988, came to an agreement in June 1988, closed the transaction and have been the owner's ever since. 

The Maltby Cafe is located in the lower portion of an old schoolhouse which was built in 1937 as the gymnasium and cafeteria for the school next door... which was built in 1907. 

about3Known for it's homemade country flavor, huge portions, and super staff, the Maltby Cafe is consistantly on or near the top of many "Best Of" lists in the Seattle area. Using only the finest ingredients, we will satisfy your hunger for home-style cooking. Your visit to the Maltby Cafe will be a one of a kind experience you will want to try again and again.